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1 Nov – Turning off the noise!


There are times in life to party, to make noise, to speak up, and to be heard. But there are also times where it is time to be silent; time to get away from the noise and experience the power of the quiet and silence.

Most of us know that getting away from the noise seems like a good idea, but actually it can be quite difficult to do. There are so many things clamouring for our attention, everyday, all the time.

As a mum of six children I am very familiar with a lot of noise. We are not a quiet family volume wise. Our kids are not softly spoken, they sing at the top of their lungs, play multiple instruments, tap dance, play exhuberantly , and do life. However I have learnt that it is imperative that I get away regularly from the noise, so I can hear myself think, and also listen to God. When I highly value that quiet and alone time with God, He has always made it possible. When the kids were babies that may have been in the middle of night while feeding them, or taking that half and hour when my husband took everyone to the park.

But it’s in those times away from the noise I have learnt to value, as it allows me to relax, to pray and to reassess my priorities. I think in the quiet about my dreams and the things I am believing for. Getting away from the noise also ensures that I keep watch on the attitudes of my heart, and the things I have been thinking about. I hear from God in the quiet, in the silence away from the noise!

Jesus also regularly took time away from the noise; from the crowds, from the needs of those around him. The disciples would often wake up in the morning and not be able to find Jesus. They would search for him, and finally find him in the stillness of the early morning praying in a quiet, secluded place. (Mark 1:32:39)

Today, plan to get away from the noise, even if only for half and hour, to just sit and be quiet; to be silent, and to rest away from the frenetic, hectic world that Jesus Himself demonstrated it is okay to escape from at times. In the quiet you will find peace. In the stillness you will hear His voice and be renewed and refreshed.

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)

Make time today to “turn off the noise!”

Have a listen to this song to help you as you value the quiet.

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