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11 Nov -Being Weird!


It’s okay to be weird, to be different, and abnormal. Plus since the dictionary’s definition of weird is something that is unnatural, unearthly, and supernatural, it sounds like being weird is a God idea to me.

Perhaps we all spend too much time trying to fit in, trying to make people think we are normal. Too often we succumb even as adults to peer pressure (or social pressure) when we allow ourselves to be influenced by people, or an individual. We can easily start to follow the norm by changing our attitudes, values, or behaviours to conform to others, even if that is not who God has called us to be. The need to be accepted, and to belong is ingrained in our subconscious, dictating to us far more than we usually realise.

As definitions go, Jesus is weird! He is supernatural, abnormal, unearthly, counter culture, and radical. When we look at Him we see that He was radical and wonderfully weird in everything He did while on earth. His actions and speech were abnormal, from another realm, and supernatural. He reached out to the outcasts, touched lepers, dined with “sinners”, welcomed prostitutes, saw women as equals, and loved all who came to Him regardless of their past, or background.

He embraced weird, and freely gave permission for all who call Him friend to be just as weird as He is.

Take a look at the bible, God’s story and you will see that it is one very weird, strange, supernatural, unearthly book. In it God encourages us to be weird because we are told to “Imitate God, therefore, in everything we do” (Ephesians 5:1)

Sometimes that might mean people don’t understand us, or think we are slightly peculiar. They may see what we do or say as foolishness. But that’s okay, because if we are living as Jesus in the world we are going to look and be weird most of the time. We are going to be wonderfully weird, different, abnormal, counter culture, radical, unearthly and supernatural.

Weird people have a lot of fun, they don’t care about normal, or peer pressure. They live blissed out, free, full of love and joy, and are not afraid to show it in all they do. Weird people find a hurt and heal it; they find a need and meet it. Weird people expect God to do miracles and to show up in their midst. Weird people are joyful regardless of their circumstances, and believe that all things are possible. Weird people have peace, and know that they are loved and never alone.

Today why not be weird like Jesus. Who wants to be normal anyway? Love like He does, give just because you can, bless wherever you go, and walk in, and expect miracles, the supernatural and weird stuff to happen all around you, in all you do.

Prayer: Lord please help me to realise that I don’t need to be normal. In actual fact you say it’s great to be weird, so I want to be wonderfully weird with you today. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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