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12 August -“Sunshine in my pocket”

Our youngest son has been walking around singing a particular line of a song this week, “I’ve got some sunshine in my pocket……” It’s got me thinking “What does having sunshine in your pocket mean?” For most it’s carrying around a pocket full of joy that you can bring out at any time.

If you think about it, having some sunshine in your pocket is probably a very good idea, and the more pockets full the better.

The other thing about having sunshine in your pocket is when God does something, or you have had a victory in a particular area. it’s like you have that in your pocket too. You’ve got that, and no one can take it away from you; God has become very real to you in that particular aspect of your life because you’ve met Him there. You have a confidence and boldness in that place, and all you have to do is bring that victory, that confirmation, that understanding of who you are out of your pocket every now and then to remind yourself “I’ve got this, I can do all things through Jesus who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13)

Day and night I’ll stick with God; I’ve got a good thing going and I’m not letting go.” (Psalm 16:8 Message Bible)

The thing is, we all have to journey through some often challenging and stretching things to have anything “good” in our pocket. Whether that’s learning to trust God, trusting Him with our finances, health, relationships, a job, to learn a skill, our education. We have to walk through some things, and let go of some mindsets and wrong thinking to get to that point of having a confidence in God, and who we are in Him, in our pocket.

It’s also important to recognise that we can carry a whole lot of rubbish in our pockets. Hurts, disappointments, and habits which definitely contain no sunshine, and only weigh us down. We can pull those things out of our pockets at regular intervals throughout the day too, but they don’t help us and are designed to hinder our walk and growth. The best thing to do with those things is to clean out our pockets on a regular basis, and throwing any “rubbish” away.

What have you got in your pocket today? Is it sunshine? Is it a knowing who you are and who God is? Or is it a whole lot of “bits and bobs” commonly known as rubbish, which are weighing you down? What’s in your pocket, and do you really want to carry it around with you today? 

Prayer: Lord help me to remember that you are with me and that means I always carry sunshine in my pocket. Help me to carry and add only “sunshine to my pockets” and not rubbish. In Jesus name Amen.

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