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13 Dec – “I’ve got this”

I've got this

“I’ve got this” is the phrase used to tell someone that you can or will deal with something: It’s an offer of help, and to lift our load and burdens.

It’s actually what God regularly whispers to me when I am on the verge of a meltdown or getting into worry. He says, “It’s OK, I’ve got this. Go and enjoy your day.” The question I then have to ask myself is, “will I accept His offer to help, or will I live independent of God’s assistance and try to do it all by myself?

An independent person is usually someone who does not rely on others and who prefers to do tasks alone, and in life we are practically taught and encouraged from the moment we can walk to be independent, which is all very well and good.

However there is also a valid place for dependence and interdependence where we seek to work with others and depend on their skills, support and presence. That’s because we  actually aren’t designed by God to do everything alone, but to have others around us who can assist and compliment us. This dependence undoubtedly can be annoying and threatening at times because it means we have to admit we need others, and also rely on them. An everyday example would be the little issue of requiring help after struggling and straining to open a jar for the first time, and then someone else comes along and says, “I’ve got this”, and pops it open easily for us.” Or perhaps the more confronting occasions where we find ourselves needing help emotionally, spiritually or mentally and we have to ask or accept help from others.

God’s “I’ve got this” moments are much the same. We can be struggling, worrying and toiling over an issue or situation attempting to do it all by ourselves, when God is right there wanting to help. Often He is looking to take the whole situation off our hands completely so as to lighten our load, and other times He desires to give us His wisdom and a better and simpler way to handle our stuff. The question then is, “will we allow Him to?”

Today, instead of trying to be so independent, why not allow God to help you deal with whatever you are facing today. Nothing is so difficult, insignificant or too much trouble for Him, and more than anything He wants us to know that He loves and cares for us. He’s there to help, guide and direct if we’ll let Him. It’s just takes making a decision to receive His assistance, hand everything over to Him, and then just do what He says? Because, “He’s got this!”

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:13)

Prayer: Lord thank you that you are more than capable of handling all my stuff and that you want to help me with everything I’m facing in my life. Thanks that “you’ve got this today” In Jesus name Amen.

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