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13 Feb- Putting first things first

If you asked most people what was important to them they would probably say several things, such as my family, my friends, and my work, and in that order. If they are a follower of Jesus they would put Him possibly at the top of that list. But if we really look at our lives is there evidence to prove that is true? If we looked at our calendar and schedules what would we see? How much thought, effort and time do we set aside to spend quality  time with those we say are important and a priority to us?

We can feel good and even a little smug about what we say is important, until we actually look at our daily life and see how much time we have blocked off for those things we say are important, such as our relationship with Jesus, our family, friends or those things we need to do to reach our goals.

Today I read a quote by a man I respect who has been happily married for over 40 years. After 40years that can honestly they still like and love one another. He said, “When people ask how we’ve been married for so long I say, we love God more than we love each other”.

When our spiritual life is healthy and we have a growing relationship with Jesus, our relationships, our goals and all we hope and dream of has a far greater chance of being where it needs to be too. Its not just about finding yourself, or even taking care of ourselves, but about putting God first. Because when we truly put Him first, and not just in theory on our schedules, we essentially connect to the life source of everything that is good and true, which has far reaching benefits for the way we live our daily lives.

If we bookend our day talking to Jesus; with Him being the first one we talk to in the morning, and the last one at night that we give our attention to, then we will start to filter everything that happens in our day through Him. For myself I determine to have God as my number one, my husband is two, my kids are three, and my extended family, friends, work, goals and hobbies come after that.

However sometimes other things can try and sneak in and try to crowd our important out.  We check in with facebook or the news instead of Jesus first thing in our day.  We end our day slumped in front of work or the tv,  and tell ourselves we’ll get to God and our loved ones tomorrow. We allow work pressures and busyness to take over all our time, and the weeks and months pass by without a date night with our partner, a holiday or day out with the kids, and friends are something we used to have and see.

So today why not change all that, and start by asking God what it means to have the important, rather than the most urgent as first in your life. Then with His help start the process of “putting first things first”.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you”. (Matthew 6:33)

Prayer: Lord help me to be honest with what and who I actually prioritize in my life. Then please help me to start the process.

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