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14 May – Who’s in charge of your schedule?

putting god first

We can all be prone to packing our schedules so tight with appointments, commitments, and everyday life that we often struggle to find a moment to spare. Then strangely enough we let everyone know how busy we are, like it makes us feel more important to be so busy.

But what would it like to seek first God in our schedules, and let Him be in charge of them; to seek first His kingdom and His way of doing things? (Matthew 6:33). What would it be like to begin to look at our schedules and the tangible things like meetings, appointments and our plans, and then give proper priority and place to the intangibles in our lives, like who we are becoming, our hopes, dreams, relationships, and our connection to God.

Without conscious thought and intervention into our everyday schedules the habit of over-scheduling ensures that the intangible things we care about will take a backseat to the urgent pressing things in our lives, rather than what is really important to us.

One way to begin to pursue what makes us become who we really desire to be, is to ask God to be in charge of our time and schedules. To ask, “how would you God have me spend my time today?” I know many of us in theory think we do put God first already,  but in reality do we? For handing over to God our schedule, diary, and complete calendar is what seeking Him and His way of doing things is all about.

We begin by putting God first; listening and being directed by His leading, and then everything else fits in around what He says. God knows what we need; the demands on our lives and our workload, but He also knows the hidden dreams and secrets of our hearts. His desire is to lighten our load, and to get us to where we need to be to fulfil the dreams in our hearts, and His plan for our lives. His way of scheduling and guiding our life is filled with love and wisdom, and no matter how grand our plans are, He promises that “He will do superabundantly beyond what we can ask, think, dream or imagine”. (Ephesians 3:20)

Begin today to give God control of your schedule, and fill your day with those things that He says to spend your time on. Then fit everything else around what is actually important, rather than the urgent. As you do you will gradually find yourself becoming the kind of person you want to be.

Prayer: Lord help me to know how you would have me spend my day, and to not get constantly caught up with the urgent, whilst allowing the important more intangible things be pushed to the side or relegated for a later that never  comes…Help me to trust you completely with my schedule. In Jesus name Amen.

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