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16 Dec - Persevere And Finish What You Started

Today I spent the afternoon sorting the order of the book I have been writing. There were pages and pages of my words strewn across the floor as I tried to put some semblance of order to my thoughts on paper.

The finish line is approaching, and it's been a lesson in perseverance and patience to get this book this far. There have been many interruptions, doubts, setbacks, and distractions, and it's only by sheer perseverance in wanting to achieve my goal to share this book – "Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled" with the world that has motivated me not to give up.

The bible talks about perseverance, defined as persistence, tenacity, and the effort required to do something and keep believing even when it's hard. God's word says that persevering in our faith produces steadfastness. When this "steadfastness has its full effect, it's so "that we may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." (James 1:2-4;12)

Learning to persevere in life; in the pursuit of our goals, and in our faith is essential for living God's plan for our life. When we fail to persevere through difficulties, setbacks, or things we may be afraid of or find challenging, we will be more prone to keep giving up, which God doesn't want for us.

He doesn't give up, He remains faithful, and He always says, "Keep going, keep running your race, keep believing, and keep moving forward with me." That's because He wants us to fulfil the purpose for which He made us so that we would be able to live a full and overflowing life. We aren't alone in the journey as we have the whole of heaven cheering us on. ((John 10:10; Hebrews 12:1-2)

Today I encourage you to keep running your own race in pursuit of all that you desire and God has laid on your heart to achieve. God has a dream and destiny for you and promises to strengthen you to hold steady as you persevere until you reap the harvest. Hang in there, keep the vision before you and keep persevering until you achieve your goal, and with Jesus beside you, finish what you started.

Prayer: Lord, please strengthen and encourage me today to persevere so that I will reap the reward. Thank you that I can do all things because you give me strength. In Jesus name Amen.

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