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16 Jan -Because you say so…

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Nevertheless at your word I will cast out my net again”. It’s the words Peter said to Jesus as He asked him to cast His nets again after he’d been fishing all night and returned without a catch. Jesus didn’t seem too bothered that Peter had already been working all night when he asked him to cast out his net again…no doubt because he knew what was coming. As Peter obeyed and acted upon Jesus’ instructions his net became so full of fish it began to tear. Giving a shout he called for his partners who were in the other boats and soon both boats were filled with fish and on the verge of sinking. (Luke 5:5-7)

Nevertheless at your word….because if you say so I’ll do it… it’s that attitude that caused a release of God’s power and break through in Peters life. It’s that same response to a Word from God that has changed more lives than I can count throughout the world and across the generations. From the widow with a tiny jar of oil which suddenly started to multiply eradicating her debt, a man covered in leprosy asked to dip in a river seven times so that he’d be healed, Zacchaeus who was asked to come down from his sycamore tree so Jesus could visit his home and in doing so drastically changed his life, to the first 12 men who responded with a “Yes” when Jesus turned to them and said, “follow me”. In doing so they helped to change the world as they carried the simple message that Jesus is the answer to every pain, sin, shame and grief. That He bore the sins of the world, (our mess ups), while He died on a rugged wooden cross and then overcame death as he rose from the dead three days later. (2 Kings 4:1-7; 2 Kings 5; Luke 19:1-10; Matthew 10:2; matthew 28:19-20)

At His Word, His glance our way, His hand outstretched towards us, our lives can and will suddenly change, which is exactly what Jesus wants for each one of us….

Just as the widows oil overflowed and Peter’s nets burst with God’s goodness, our lives are vessels just waiting to be filled with everything Jesus has for us. We only need to do our part and respond. Even if it is as Peter replied “I‘m tired, and have been working at this a long time, or “I’m scared and embarrassed“, as no doubt the debt enslaved widow did. Even if it is with some trepidation and uncertainty, that’s okay because Jesus is big enough and His love will carry us. As long as we respond with a “Yes”. A “Yes, I will follow you”. A “Yes”, because I know you’re looking my way, a “Yes” because “I acknowledge you’ve spoken, and if you say so I will act and move upon your word”.

Today know that Jesus is always speaking. He’d always glancing your way, always outstretching his hand and always ready to release His power into your circumstances and life. The only question is how will you respond..

“But Peter replied and said to Him, “ Master we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at your word I will let down the net”. (Luke 5:5)

Prayer: Lord I may feel tired and discouraged at times but because you say so I choose to respond with a “Yes, to whatever and wherever you say to do or act upon. At you word Lord. In Jesus name amen

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