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16 Oct – If you can see it

If you see it in God’s Word you can have it! It’s that simple. God’s Word is His will and His promise to us. He won’t depart from it, change it, or neglect it. God doesn’t lie, and even when things are happening to us or around us if we hold onto the promises in God’s Word He will walk us, or if need be pick us up and carry us through every circumstance because that’s what He says He will do. (Numbers 23:19)

The choice is up to us whether we will bother to find out what is written in His will and testament to us. Whether we will take the time to study and dig into the richness of His Word and discover all the treasures there, or whether we will just settle for whatever comes our way in life and then just hope for the best.

God’s love, care, protection,forgiveness, provision and purpose for our lives are a gift – they are given freely to each one of us if we want to receive them. However we do need to make the effort to open these gifts up and receive what has been given. We have to say Yes I’ll have that thankyou.

When we choose to make Jesus part of our lives and then find out what He’s promised to us it’s important to take time to write it down; then begin to speak out and declare what is rightfully yours as a member of God’s family.  All of heaven listens up when we start speaking God’s word and what is ours. The angels will actually spring into action to bring whatever He has promised into our hands. So if you can see it in God’s Word today, don’t settle or let anyone or anything negotiate you out of having less than what God desires for your life.

Today I encourage you to open up the treasury of God’s Word. You’ll find when you do the gift and promise of healing for every ailment and disease, provision for your needs, confirmation of God’s love, forgiveness, cleansing, deliverance and His dedication to protect you from every evil. Plus His Word will act as a GPS helping to navigate and guide you throughout your day.

“The Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word.” (Jeremiah 1:12)

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. (John 1:1)

Prayer: Lord thank you for your Word and that I can depend upon, and trust what it says for your Word and you are one. Help me to discover in a fresh way today the treasures hidden in it for me, and to take hold and receive everything that has been given. n Jesus name Amen

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