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18 August – Be consistent

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It’s Sunday night, I’ve just crawled into bed after a busy weekend and was all ready to watch a movie when I remembered I hadn’t posted a blog today. It will be my 1,343rd post as I have been blogging daily for close to four years now and spasmodically a few years before that.

The thing about doing anything and seeking to be is that there has to be some sort of intrinsic motivation to keep you consistently growing and constant. If our motivation is from an external force or pressure it will usually fail to keep us running the distance and we will eventually quit. Jesus however wants to be the force within us that enables us to remain constant and constantly moving forward and higher in life. When we make a choice to give Jesus the reins of our life and choose to be consistent in one area it starts to flow over to other areas.


Our example and bench mark should always be Jesus. And Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Jesus isn’t fickle. He doesn’t change His mind from one day to another. He’s constant.

Even the best business plans, goals, study schedules, fitness regime etc will fail without a dedication to consistency.

If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. If we say we’re going to be somewhere, we’re there. If we initiate a new process or initiative, we follow through. Consistency is a must as you build and grow in any area of your life and is a daily choice. It is a “Habit”

Today I encourage you with God’s enabling power to cultivate the habit of doing successful activities. Often it’s just a handful of habits over the course of many years that separates the victors from the victims.

Can you imagine what you can accomplish and the type of person you will be in the next 20 years with consistency?

How often do you think about brushing your teeth, getting dressed or breathing?Your body has internalised these activities and you end up doing them every day without thinking.

When you take time with God, speak what He speaks, eat well, exercise etc consistency will make sure you actually do it. The repetition will teach your subconscious to do it automatically until it becomes part of who you are.

Now imagine what you can do if you teach yourself to be consistent in other areas of your life as you see yourself being consistent and achieving and breaking through your limits.

The bible says that as a person thinks so shall they be, so start seeing and thinking of yourself as a person who is consistent.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7)

The benefits of developing consistency in our lives far out weighs the effort. There is a revelation of God and who you are as a person that comes from consistency that the inconsistent person will never see.

Determine today to be consistent. Don’t try to base today on yesterday’s time with God or the workout last week. Be consistent in something today, then tomorrow get up and do it all again!

Prayer: Thank you Lord that I can do all things through you who gives me strength. I am a consistent person that sticks to things. Help me today. In Jesus Name Amen.

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