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18 Oct – Increasing Capacity.

My husband and I over the years have stepped way out of our comfort zone on numerous occasions. We’ve given up comfortable jobs, homes, family and financial security to be true to the dream in our hearts. Philip my husband is especially known for stepping out of the boat and being brave enough to believe for big things. Our lives I guess may seem crazy and busy to some, but as I say you usually don’t suddenly step into bigger things all at once – there’s a process and building of your capacity for each stage of the journey. Much like you don’t normally have 6 kids all at once, you have one baby then another, then another and with each baby your capacity and knowledge grows and you learn to know what is important and what is not necessary. You discover how to manage multiple tasks, children, finances, relationships and your time and energy.

Life in general can be likened to that baby analogy. We are all capable of being and doing far more than we imagine and it’s in the gradual steps, consistency and keeping focused and intentional that enables us to experience and become all that God made us to be. We will undoubtedly make some mistakes, find ourselves exhausted at times and have to adjust and juggle priorities, but that’s okay as long as we just keep walking and don’t give up on the dreams and desires in our hearts which I believe are within us because God put them there.

I think back to when we had 5 kids and I was studying full time, leading a church plant, opening an art gallery and cafe and wondering if I could do everything. Yet we did and it made us grow hugely; we learnt alot about business, time management, ourselves, other people and who we were and who God is. Everything we travelled through made us bigger on the inside and equip us for some of what we are undertaking now.

As I write this my husband is busy working full time and studying for his MBA. We hold gatherings in our home twice a week and are also regularly travelling back and forth across the country running conferences, opening new hubs, building new relationships and stepping once again out of the boat. In amongst it all I am also involved in music management, being Mum to our kids, homeschooling our two youngest children, and am busy pursuing my art and sharing what I’m learning in workshops and gatherings.

It may sound like alot and some days it looks a little crazy, but I’ve learnt over the years that with every new venture we undertake, that God if we are listening will be growing and increasing our capacity to be able to thrive in every new thing we do and who we are becoming as a result.

The secret perhaps is to allow yourself to find out what inspires you; what you love and then go and work to do it. Take one step at a time, give things a go gently – what I call a soft prod. See how it fits, if it works, if you actually enjoy what you’re trying out or was it just a nice idea.

But perhaps most of all determine to enjoy, stretch your wings, build a bigger capacity and go for it. For as you do you’ll discover that you’re growing, exploring and experiencing life – you’ll in actual fact find yourself living!

I can do all things through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13)

Prayer: Lord thankyou for the life you’ve given me to live. Please help me to make the most of my days and to build my capacity every day so that I am continually increasing and growing into all that you made me to be. Help me most of all to enjoy the life and people you’ve blessed my life with. In Jesus name Amen

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