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21 June – Small things matter

It’s the small things in life that we can often miss realising the significance and importance of,  and how they relate to the bigger picture.

Small things all put together add up to big things. Like a jigsaw puzzle you often can’t see the picture until all the small pieces are put together.

The human brain is capable of holding 800 memories per second for 75 years without getting tired. Those memories are a culmination of collected moments. Life is make up of small things; of small moments. There are some big events which may stand out, but overall life is a summation of the small things.

Our dreams and visions are not usually achieved all at once but step by step, to eventually reach our goal. It’s in the small things we do consistently every day that cause us to reach our destination.

Lives messes usually don’t occur just in one big mess up, but in the small steps and decisions preceding that final step. eg: adultery started with a look here, a thought there, one thing led to another. Dishonesty, domestic violence, drug addiction, walking away from God. These all happened with small choices; a wrong attitude not dealt with, an offense not forgiven, a weakness not strengthened, a sin not confessed, quiet times with God not had.

It’s in the “seemingly” small decisions we make that may appear harmless which add up to that big decision.

The bible talks about how little things can cause a lot of damage “Catch for us the foxes the little foxes, that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.” (Song of Solomon 2:15)

The little foxes come into the vineyards, (which were representative of flourishing places of abundance) and dig holes which destroyed the vineyards, and breed under the vines. Eventually these foxes overrun the vineyard destroying it and leaving it desolate.

Foxes are sneaky, cunning, quick, and sly. They are like the small things which enter  our lives and try and ruin and destroy the good fruitful things about who we are.

God cautions us to “watch out” and catch these small things before they get in and make a mess. Catch the little attitudes and offences, the habits that will try to ruin and disturb our life.

When one fox gets into the vineyard others are attracted also. When we allow one issue/attitude to get in and remain, we run the danger of letting other issues pass our notice. Before we know it what was a small issue suddenly has become a big issue, which has caused a whole lot of other problems also.

Our lives connected to God are fruitful like a vineyard or flourishing tree. He wants us to be fruitful and not be caught out by the little things.

He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields it’s fruit in season, and whose leaf does not wither, whatever he does prospers” (Psalm 1:3)

The other side of the significance of small things is when we sometimes can feel small and insignificant. It’s important to understand at these times that our very existence is part of a bigger picture and plan.

Maybe you see only how you feel disconnected, lonely, and broken. But God sees you as precious, and an individual who He has a special place in this world for.

If we allow Him He will take us – no matter how “out of it” and “wrong shaped” we may feel and place us into His amazing plan and purpose.

A mosaic initially just looks like hundreds of disconnected pieces of tile; but an artist places each piece individually into exactly the right spot creating a beautiful picture.

God is the master artist. He wants to connect us into His plan. It matters if you are not part of the picture. There is a spot just for you.

It’s in the small things each of us do and are that make the picture, the vision come together.

Today ask God what He wants you to do, or where He wants you to be.  Then take time to listen to His answer. You may feel prompted to go to a particular place, call a friend, or send a message or gift to encourage someone. Don’t brush it aside. Little things can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

Small things matter. Take the time to do the small things, and watch out for, and catch those “little foxes”.

Prayer: Lord thank you that you are interested in the small things. You are interested in me, and that you have a significant plan and purpose for my life; where I fit in the picture. Help me to listen and to watch out for the small negative attitudes, offences and habits which threaten to destroy who you have planned and made me to be. In Jesus Name Amen.

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