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23 Feb – Seek To Understand


Getting the wrong end of the stick is a phrase to explain when someone misunderstands, misinterprets, or misconstrues a situation. It occurs when we misunderstand what someone has said, or we misinterpret a situation.

It’s fairly easy to “get the wrong end of the stick” if you are not careful, are prone to jumping to conclusions, have a low self-esteem, have un-dealt issues from your past or are easily offended. We all at times need to stop and make sure we aren’t missing what is being communicated by making sure we hear the other’s person’s heart regarding what they are doing or saying, and disciplining ourselves to not jump to conclusions because of our own issues, self esteem, or mindsets about particular situations, people and subjects.

Many a friendship has been broken up, relationships have suffered, families have been torn apart, workplaces have become toxic, and even churches have become places of offence and bitterness, rather than centres of love and understanding, through people “getting the wrong end of the stick.”

Which is why all of us can benefit from continually being students of good communication, people skills and determining to walk in grace and understanding on a daily basis. It’s also why it’s a good idea to daily ask for God’s wisdom as to how to handle situations and relationships to communicate effectively.  And to make an effort to hear people’s hearts and to take a look at what they are really saying rather than misinterpreting or misconstruing often innocent or just not well-communicated information and emotions.

Today I encourage you to throw away the stick away and instead make it a habit to stop, listen and seek to understand.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8)

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.” (Proverbs 10:1)

“Don’t say anything that would hurt (another person). Instead, speak only what is good so that you can give help wherever it is needed. That way, what you say will help those who hear you.” (Ephesians 4:29 God’s Word Translation)

Prayer: Lord please help me to not jump to conclusions or misunderstand what someone has said when I am relating to others. I don’t want to live life getting offended or being constantly on guard around others. Help me to let go of all of those things, and to trust you to take care of my heart as I seek to listen, love and understand. In Jesus Name Amen.

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