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24 July – Lessons Learnt

life lessons

My Dad had a frustration that he often voiced in that he wished people would learn from others life lessons, especially from those older or who had gone before them and gleaned a  little more wisdom in life. He said it baffled him why people, especially younger people didn’t listen to the lessons, mistakes and triumphs of those older than them, so that they could avoid the same pitfalls and learn from their successes and experience.

The truth is we don’t have to go through pain and heartache to have a great story to tell. God actually doesn’t want any of us to have to go through that, yet if we do He promises He will be there to help us walk through whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. But the thing is, it’s not God’s heart to cause us to suffer terribly or have awful things happen to us for us to live a victorious life. We can choose to walk in wisdom and learn from those who have gone before us or who are more experienced or gifted in our area.

The bible is a treasury of lessons that can be learnt from the life of others.  It is full of men and woman who knew God and walked out their faith both in victory and in struggles, through mistakes and pain. When we read the accounts of such people as David, who was led down the wrong path by failing to be on the battle field when he should have been, and instead finding himself in a whole world of trouble because he chose to lounge around on rooftops looking at another men’s wives, (2 Samuel 11) or Naaman who in wisdom chose to swallow his pride and dip in the Jordan river seven times under the instruction of the prophet to be cleansed of leprosy. He could have let his pride dictate to him but chose instead to listen and obeyed a word from God even though it didn’t really make any rational sense. As a result he was cleansed and healed. (2 Kings 5) Or Jonah who teaches us that when God is speaking and wants you to do something He will chase you down, even if that means getting a whale to swallow you whole and leave you there for three days to make the message loud and clear. He discovered the hard way that it would have been far easier and less smelly to choose to obey a directive from God in the first place. (Jonah 1)

Esther chose to stand in courage rather than fear and gained understanding that God is the one who directs our steps and that He always has a plan and a purpose for where we find ourselves if we listen to Him. Because she acknowledged that God was in control of her life she was able to react to a situation with courage and lead her people into victory. (Esther chapters 1-5) Peter’s life lessons remind us that even when we mess up if we come to Jesus and ask His forgiveness He always responds with loving kindness and restores us to relationship with Him. (Luke 22:54-62) It doesn’t matter how far we have fallen or how many times we have denied Him access to our life and heart, He always welcomes us back with open arms and will not only restore us but give us a mission and purpose for living as He transforms our life. (John 21:1-25)

Today I encourage you to make a mental note to yourself that you don’t have to make a pile of mistakes or go the long or hard way round. God will “make all things work together for good”  but He would I think, love for us to not have to go through many of the heart breaking situations, toil, and delays that we can find ourselves experiencing if we would only choose to pay attention from lessons learnt already in own lives, those around us and from God’s word.

So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives….for those who have been called to fulfil his designed purpose.”(Romans 8:28 TPT)

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.”(Proverbs 18:15NIV)

Prayer: Lord thankyou that you direct my steps and make everything work out for my good. Please give me wisdom to learn from the lessons I have learnt already and also from those who have gone before me and from the accounts in your word. In Jesus name Amen.

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