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24 May - What Do You Stand For?

I was thinking back to the day I chose to get in a plane and fly to the memorial for my younger brother Shaun, at the mine site he was en route when his plane crashed. It was a tough day, but I knew I needed to travel on that plane and face any fears immediately; otherwise, I would allow fear to start to dictate to me and limit my life and the ability to travel. I refused to become afraid of flying, even though my only brother had just died days before in a plane crash.

On the way to the airport, I kept hearing the song by John Farnham, whose lyrics say,

"You're the voice, try and understand it. Make a noise and make it clear. We're not gonna sit in silence. We're not gonna live with fear."

Whenever I feel a little afraid or have been tempted not to act or speak up about things that I feel strongly about, value or feel like I am stepping back in fear and doubts, I think back on that day. As I do, it helps me to remember what and who is important and to adjust my thinking and actions accordingly.

I know how easy it is to become pressured, feel the brunt of the current culture in society or struggle with fear and doubt. But a key to preventing being pressured, lulled into silence or inaction is to focus on who and what matters and is of value to you and then align your life and what you do and are with those things.

When you know that, you can then stand for what you care about and leave the rest in Jesus' hands. As you spend time with Him, you'll also find out what matters to Him, too, so you can align your heart with his and the things He cares about.

There will always be an "anything goes" attitude around you because it takes courage to go against the ordinary and to choose to stand for something worth living and, if necessary, dying for.

But today, I encourage you to focus on and stand for those things that matter and that you value. Choose not to be silent, and take a stand for something so you won't fall for anything!

"Choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15)

Prayer: Lord, please help me not to be silent and inactive about the things that matter, especially those that matter to you. Give me the wisdom to know when and where I can make a difference and take a stand where you would so that I won't fall for you and become complacent about those things happening in the world around me. In Jesus' name Amen


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