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25 Feb – Light For The Way Ahead

Walking or driving in the dark has its challenges in that torches or headlights are limited in how far ahead they can illuminate the way forward.  Even when your car headlights are on high beam, you can only see a short distance and the only way to proceed is to move forward a little at a time, trusting the light to guide you.

God describes His Word as a lamp that lights the way, leading us in the way to go.  However, a lamp casts it’s light only for that part of the path we are on and immediately approaching. It’s only as we come to the next stage of our journey that the light will reveal where and how to go next.

It’s why God refers to his Word as a lamp. He lights the way, but in following Him, it will take trust as the plan and direction is only fully visible as we need it. There will always be an element of trust and faith in God when we choose to follow Him.

When we stray away from the light or choose to race ahead into the darkness, we can risk running into trouble and miss dealing with and learning what we require for the journey ahead.

God promises to guide us as we spend time with Him and become familiar with His Words. He reveals His plan and strategy step by step, guides us through our day, directs us away from harm and gives us wisdom on how to relate to others and fulfil our purpose.

Today take some time to allow God to shed light on your path and the way forward. Ask Him to reveal the plan and strategy He has for your success, as you spend time with Him and reading His Words for, “The entrance of His words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.” (Psalm 119:130)

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your Word and presence today, which lights the way forward for me step by step. I trust you to lead and guide me. In Jesus name Amen.

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