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25 Nov – Being Real And Honest

I ate some salad today which I’d grown myself, but as began to eat I realised I was out of salad dressing and as a result I had to eat it without dressing. Which is when I discovered something…. I didn’t like the lettuce that I have planted, watered and even prayed over. I’d never noticed before because I’ve always put dressing all over this particular type of lettuce, but on having to eat the raw food I found out I really really don’t like it.

My salad today made me think that we often do exactly the same thing in other areas of our lives too. Whether it be our job, relationships, church community, places we live or any other circumstances we find ourselves in. We can very easily avoid seeing the truth or what is the raw material in our lives because we’ve been busy dressing up everything to make it palatable or the way we want it to look. However when we are honest and strip things back some of what we’ve been surrounding ourselves with and consuming isn’t actually real, can be quite toxic to us and not beneficial to to help us become all God desires us to be. We’ve just been dressing life up to make it seem okay.

I’m not saying we should suddenly cut off all our relationships, quit our jobs or leave our church, but perhaps all the energy we spend “dressing up” our lives to try and make them less distasteful and draining to us would be better spent putting our effort into finding out and being who God has made us to be, seeking Him more, cultivating healthy relationships and choosing to walk in the purpose He has destined for us.

Today I discovered that even though I’ve spent time, money and energy on growing rows of lettuces, I actually don’t like that type of lettuce… and that’s okay. I don’t like bitter, and prefer the type growing along side it. Now that I know that about myself I just won’t grow that type of lettuce again, and I’ll save on salad dressing.

In the same way we are all created and called by God to be who He has made me to be. Yes we are to be open to change where God is working and molding us to be the best version of ourselves. But let’s be real in the journey and not ignore, hide from, or dress things up all the time to make them palatable and bearable in our lives when they are not as they should be or don’t belong in our lives.

Today I encourage you to take an honest look at your life. Is God trying to point out some things to you that you haven’t wanted to see about your life and behaviour, or the people and circumstances around you? Allow Him to speak to you today so He can move whatever is needed so He can then bring blessing and purpose into every area of your life.

Prayer: Lord thank you that you desire for me to be real and honest about who I am and the relationships, calling and purpose on my life. Please help me to see people and situations for what and who they really are, and to have wisdom to know what should remain and what I have simply being dressing up to convince myself it should be in my life. In Jesus name Amen.

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