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26 May - No Distractions

I was having one of those moments this week where I was letting “stuff” make me feel tired on the inside.

As I was spending some time , I felt the answer come to me of how to feel better. It was, “stop looking at everything and everyone else and to focus on what I would like to see and do rather than allowing cares to cloud my view.

As I pondered on that thought I started to feel a lot better and was reminded once again that a lot of what we stress and full our thoughts up with we won’t even remember in a few years’ time. They are distractions designed to get us off track, weighed down, distracted, and robbed of our peace.

Whereas if we feed and focus and starve our distractions and keep our eyes on what and who is important, we will be far more likely to travel where we want to go and be the person we want to be.

The definition of a distraction is: the process of diverting attention away from a desired area, diminishing the reception of desired information.

“Anywhere you go you must first know the destination.

But to know our destination it helps to take time to get quiet away from it all even for a few moments so that you can check in with your heart and what Jesus is whispering for you to hear. He promises to lead and guide us, but to do that it helps to get away to a quiet place so that you can gain some clarity to hear both His voice and your own heart and thoughts.

Today if you are feeling distracted take some time to:

  • Refocus on your vision, goals, and dreams. Write down these things and revisit them daily.

  • Do one thing towards fulfilling your goals and vision so you can see those things become a reality.

  • Reconnect with God, read what He has to say in his Word and remind yourself of the things he has already said to you and His promises.

“Look straight ahead and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Stay on the safe path, don’t get side-tracked, keep your feet from following evil.” (Proverbs 4:20-27)

Prayer: Lord, please help me to be focused and to keep my heart and mind on those things that will help me reach the right destination and lead me in the way you would have me go. In Jesus name Amen.

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