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29 April – Faith Increase! (Part 2)

When we talk about what it means to go from faith to faith, it’s process or cycle of how our faith brings the unseen into the seen.

Faith is having the confirmation or the title deed of things we hope for, and the conviction of their reality.  Faith perceives as real fact what is not yet revealed to the senses. It is a knowing, believing and trusting.

There is the potential and problem stage in the cycle of faith (see blog post 28 April).

Next is the: 3. Promise stage – a release of faith happens where the answer to the problem of needing more faith is revealed to you. The answer to the problem is a promise. God meets our problem with a promise found in His word. This promises releases faith. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). It’s vitally important to seek God for His promise and word on the situation. Before you can trust you have to listen.

4.Plan stage – For every promise God has a strategy to “work out our faith”

“In the same way,  faith by itself,  if it is not accompanied by action, is dead” .(James 2:17)

Faith calls for action and obedience. We purposefully ask, “Lord what do you want me to do?” There is a process to faith, and breaking through from one level of faith to another, as we believe God for each stage we are at.

This is where we get what I call “faith muscles”. We put our believing in God’s promises to work as we ask “What’s the next step, and then we do it.” God has a strategy and a plan so that we both believe and receive. If we wait and listen He will literally give us an action plan for how to move forward.

Take time to discover God’s promise – it’s in His word, and then get divine wisdom, and strategy. Don’t make the mistake of presuming or even instructing God on how it’s going to all happen. “Presumption is the mother of all stuff ups”. Instead wait on God, spend time meditating on His promise/s, and you’ll find that He’ll lead you in the way you should go.

Prayer: Lord I thank you for the promises in your word, which you are alert and active watching over to perform them.  Help me to wait and listen so that I walk in your plan and strategy and not my own. In Jesus name Amen.

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