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29 Jan – New Things

I love spring time and watching all the new life that happens at that time of the year. All the seeds that you’ve planted spring up, the flowers bloom. There are reminders of new life everywhere.

It is a yearly reminder of God’s faithfulness.

God created the world with newness of life built into it’s design. Every year we see that in the seasons. It’s also how He created us. We are designed to grow and have new challenges, dreams, goals and vision. It constantly amazes me how we can always do far more than what we might have first thought, if we put our hearts and minds to it.

One of our daughters is always doing new things; it’s exciting to hear what she has been up to, or is planning next. I think it’s a great habit to cultivate, looking and wanting to experience all that life has for us.

Doing new things can actually help to make new pathways in our brains. It also opens us up to new possibilities for God to move in our lives.

If we keep doing everything the same we can close ourselves off to life and having a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Instead we can get as I say “musty, crusty and rusty”.

What we do everyday in our lives affects our hearts, minds, attitudes, and spirits.

 Isaiah 35 in the Bible always encourages me. It is a proclamation of new life from God, to strengthen us where we may feel weak or fearful.

A desert symbolizes our life without God, or areas of our life that have become barren and a wasteland.

God says that the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose, like rivers in the desert will He pour out His spirit on those who are thirsty.

The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them,

And the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose;

It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice,

Even with joy and singing…

Strengthen the weak hands,

And make firm the feeble knees.

Say to those who are fearful-hearted,

“Be strong, do not fear!

Behold, your God will come with vengeance,

With the recompense of God;

He will come and save you.

Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,

And the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.

Then the lame shall leap like a deer,

And the tongue of the dumb sing.

For waters shall burst forth in the wilderness,

And streams in the desert.

The parched ground shall become a pool,

And the thirsty land springs of water;

In the habitation of jackals, where each lay,

There shall be grass with reeds and rushes”.

(Isaiah 35:1-7)

Be encouraged today to allow God to bring new things into your life. Allow Him to bring “New beginnings”.

How does He do that? By showering us in His presence; softening the barren, dry thirsty places in our lives, and planting seeds of hope and vision.

Then it is up to us whether we hold onto those NEW things and run with them, or push them aside. We get to choose to “water” those seeds of hope and life with prayer, God’s word and believing, or to kill them off with negativity and neglect.

The Bible is full of accounts where God is crying out to His people to listen to him, to turn to Him, so that He can restore, renew and give hope.

Come to God today and ask Him to shower you in His presence and bring life to the desert places of your life.

He is the God of new beginnings!  “Behold I will do a new thing, now it springs forth; shall you not know it.” (Isaiah 43:19)

Prayer: Thank you God that you love me. I ask for your life to flood through me, that you make something amazing out of my life. Restore, renew and begin something new in me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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