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29 Oct – Change of season

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Change is everywhere and inevitable and if we are smart we find something to enjoy about each season and then make the necessary adjustments to our everyday lifestyle and routine.

Making adjustments and going with the season we are in is necessary for in life somewhere and at some time we will have to change and transition in response to our circumstances and relationships or suffer the consequences. Yet how often instead of going with change do we hang on to the previous season, kicking and screaming against change when its obvious its going to happen regardless.

If we look and learn from creation and how God has made things, a far wiser and gentler approach would be to follow the ebb and flow of what God is doing in and around us in the season we are in. To remember and give thanks for the previous season and to then look for ways to celebrate where we are now. There are some things for example that can only be enjoyed to the full at certain times – such as electric blankets and pumpkin soup on a cold winters day, the flexibility of being single, or the challenges and joys of relationships, study, careers, parenthood, or growing older.

Today, whatever season you are experiencing both in nature and in the rest of your life, choose to look for the joy in it, and the things you can appreciate in the season you are in; and remember God’s in charge and whether it’s one you love or hate, the seasons change and this one will pass too.

“For everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under heaven”.(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Prayer: Lord please help me celebrate the season I’m in, and to appreciate all that I can learn, discover and develop in myself and in my relationship with you and those around me at this time. In Jesus name Amen

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