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30 Mar - You Become What You Behold

We become what we behold.

It's the law of attraction in action, in that your mind and heart work like a magnet. We move towards the dominating images we keep in front of us.

It's why God says, "as a man thinks, so shall he be….and to guard your heart with all diligence (Proverbs 23:7; 4:23). He wants us to keep the vision in front of our eyes, our hearts uncluttered, and know what His Word promises, and He desires for our lives.

The more you look at your goals, God's, promises, and understand His amazing plan for your life, the more you desire and lean in towards that, and the more persistent you become to fulfill it.

If it's not in front of you, you're not moving towards it, and it's not moving towards you. What you think and look at continually, you bring about.

When you get clear about your life, you give yourself instructions to start looking for the ideas, opportunities, resources, and relationships that align with your vision and goals. You start recognising these things and people being attracted to you. But you have to be clear about what you want and be focused.

Today consider what vision you have in front of you every day?

What are you looking at and feeding your imagination and thought life? Maybe it’s time you removed some things from your line of vision and replaced them with what you really desire and know is God’s best for your life.

I encourage you today to take the 30-day challenge

• For the next 30 days, write your ten top goals – ( what you want your life to look like and what's God's best for you) on a piece of paper once a day.

• Write them in the present tense

• Write them down and speak out them each day without looking back at what you wrote the day before. If you can't remember, that's okay; it's just not all of your goals were that important to you.

• Stay focused on the ones that capture your imagination and motivate you.

• Reinforce your vision and goals and make a vision board of images of your goals and what you believe God has placed in your heart. We become what we behold, so behold God’s best for your life today.

"Look for Christ and you will find Him and with Him everything else" - C.S. Lewis

Prayer: Lord, please help me have the best line of view and vision before me so that I will become what I am looking at. If I need to remove anything out of my life that is not your best for me, please help me do that today. In Jesus name Amen

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