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6 Mar – Look Again!


This is a repost, but I felt is was a good to share again, as I believe that some of the greatest revelations we have about life, who we are and our understanding of God can be when things that have been right in front of us all the time are revealed. Much like the story below – look deeper and you’ll often be surprised by what you see.

I visited our cities mint, with our two youngest children. While we were there we looked at some of the world’s largest gold nuggets, and watched gold being poured to make gold bars.

The guide explained that the tourist gallery we were sitting in was until recently actually the refinery room where gold was processed for over 90 years. He explained that after they removed the furnaces that were used to heat the gold they realised that the ceiling of the room needed to be cleaned, as it had over 90 years of built up soot on it. Two young apprentices spent over a week scrubbing the grime off this ceiling, only to discover that hidden amongst all the black soot, (once the mint refined it), was tens of thousands of dollars worth of gold dust. Not only that, but ingrained in every wall, nook and cranny of that room is still more gold dust. It may be hidden, but it’s still there.

It got me thinking that there are things about God that are hidden also. We can often spend years missing amazing awe inspiring truths about God because we settle for only what we can see at a glance, instead of digging deeper into His word, and drawing closer to Him. We get put off or don’t search deep enough for the rich things of God because they can be covered up in man’s traditions, religion, or our own attitudes and complacency. It’s like that ceiling covered with soot, while all along it was hiding riches far beyond anyone’s imagination. It just needed someone to scrub away the dirt to reveal what was there.

In the bible gold is often referred to as symbolising purity and the glory of God. God wants to share and pour out His glory and power. However we may first need to examine our hearts and the way we think, to ensure our traditions, religious mindsets and attitudes are not hindering us from being able to see and experience all that God wants to reveal to us. Many times there are miracles, truths and supernatural things happening all around us and we can’t see them because we aren’t looking or expecting  God in our midst. It’s like there is gold dust everywhere, but it’s obscured from our view by the “world’s soot”.

These are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:10)

‘He reveals deep and hidden things.” (Daniel 2:22)

Today take a deeper look at who God is, and what the bible says. Don’t settle for what you can only see at a glance. Ask the Holy Spirit to take you deeper into Him, and to reveal to you the “gold” of the Kingdom. You just might be surprised how much has been hidden from your view up until now.

Prayer: Lord please scrub away the “soot” of man’s traditions, religion and mindsets so that I can see the hidden mysteries found in knowing you. Help me to seek out and undercover the deep things about my life and who you are. In Jesus Name Amen.

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