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9 December - Count The Cost

If you were going to build a house or tower, wouldn’t you first sit down and figure out if you could afford it? You wouldn’t want to become a laughingstock because you failed to plan your project well and couldn't finish! And if you were a king going into battle, wouldn’t you first sit down and figure out if your army was strong enough to defeat the enemy?”

These were questions and parables that Jesus told to make his listeners think about the cost of their actions and also the decision to follow him and his way of living. (Luke 14:25-33)

Sit down

The process of counting the cost starts with sitting down because it requires thoughtful reflection before any action can take place. In the same way, we can’t follow Jesus any old way it suits us. We must carefully consider our commitment, decisions, and actions thereafter.

Counting the cost also means that there are goals to be achieved. and ascertaining how much it will take to succeed. You don’t start anything that is worth doing unless you plan to win, finish what you’ve started and intend to make it last.

Likewise, you don’t follow Jesus unless you want your life to be changed forever.

Jesus wants us to know what is involved in being a follower of His. We need to know what we’re getting into when we say we want to follow Him because to be a disciple of Jesus, you must know that the cost will be putting Jesus first and everything else last. The cost is that we will have to keep on leaving other stuff behind so that we are free to take hold of something and someone better.

Today, I encourage you to sit quietly and take the time to count the cost of your decisions and how you want to move forward. But also keep in mind that the life and plans Jesus has for you are far, far better than anything you could ever imagine, and He will never ask you to leave anything behind unless he has something better for you instead. (Ephesians 3:20; Philippians 3:8)

Count the cost today but know that compared to the gift of knowing Jesus, the life He gives and the promise of a home in heaven any cost will be worth it. (John 10:10; John 14:3)

Prayer: Lord, please give me the wisdom to count the cost and know what is really important in my life so that I can take the steps to move forward wisely. I trust you to lead me today and thank you for the abundant life you have planned for me. In Jesus name Amen

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