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Lifting the Lid


If we want the world to be a better place, for things to be different, for people to be more considerate, compassionate and for society to value things that really matter, maybe firstly we need to look at ourselves. 

Are we being the best person we can be? Are we working on improving ourselves and being honest about our own weaknesses and failings? It’s easy to point the finger at those around us. Our leaders, people in authority, the government, teachers, our family members, bosses etc. But have we looked at ourselves lately and acknowledged the areas in our lives we need to address?

John Maxwell calls it “Lifting the Lid” when we acknowledge we all have areas we need to push through and overcome in our lives.


Every one has lids on their lives. Nobody is born without them. And they don’t just disappear when a person receives a title, achieves a position, or is invested with power. The issue is never whether you have lids. The issue is what you are going to do about them

If we want to reach our potential and be all that God created us to be, then we need to lift the lids on our lives.

Is your lid that you don’t stick to things, or you are impatient, fearful, proud or judgmental. Do you always take the easy road and never attempt anything new? Are you short-tempered, or don’t listen to advice?

Life really is too precious and those around us too important to not make the effort to lift the lid on our potential and ability to influence for good. 

Everyone wants an opportunity. But many people want an opportunity to come to them before they start improving themselves. “When I get this happening in my life, when I have that position I’ll start growing.”

That’s doing things backwards.

While others wait to see what will happen. Those who lift lids step forward, they start taking steps NOW to grow and develop. They make choices everyday how they will act, what they will say and not say, who they will  listen to. It’s in the DAILY choices we make that bring change.

When we “lift our lids it also enables those around us to step up, to be better.

You want the world to be a better place, your home to be a place of peace and harmony, your relationships to be healthy. Take a look in the mirror and start to “Lift your Lids”.

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