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Making Lemonade


I was reading this week the parable of the Unforgiving servant (Matt 18:21-35) 

We too are debtors before we ask God into our lives. It’s His mercy, just like the merciful master, that releases us from the consequences of our debt and guilt. Unfortunately we can forget that so quickly when someone wrongs us and instead we end up behaving just as selfishly as the servant in the parable.

Our faith works through love and forgiveness. When we have unforgiveness in our hearts it clogs up that faith channel.

I was asking the Holy Spirit to reveal any unforgiveness that might be hidden in my heart, and that might be clogging up my faith channel. I ended up with a list!  A little disappointed I said “God just heal me from hurt and offense so that I can show the same mercy you’ve shown me”.

God is so gracious with us. Very gently He spoke and said “ What did I learn from each person on my list that I can be thankful for” Instead of trying to just “forgive and forget” my perspective was suddenly changed. I now have a “new list” beside the old one. It lists what I’ve learnt about God, myself and others through that person and the hurt they caused.”

God wants us free – a big part of our freedom is about forgiveness and showing that same forgiveness to others. And yes we do get opportunity for lots of practice but I’m starting to realise how much I’ve learnt and can be thankful for. There have been some real “lemon” moments, but God actually does turn things into “lemonade”.

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