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11 Jan – Write A Letter

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In processing our feelings and thoughts and then writing them down (see “Get it out of your head” blog) there are often times when we are faced with an issue and emotions which we may find difficult and even confronting. Once we start to write down our thoughts and feelings it can be like lifting the lid on pandora’s box. We knew we were carrying around stuff, but maybe didn’t realise just how much angst, grief, fear and other emotions there was under there.

Once we’ve written down in point form our immediate thoughts and feelings regarding a subject, event or person and talked to God about it, if we still feel that we haven’t got to the bottom of how we feel there is something else we can do – it’s to write a letter.

Writing a letter may sound like a strange tool to use to unburden and rid ourselves of feelings we’ve had bottled up, but it’s very helpful. Write a letter to that person who has harmed you, or you’ve missed, or felt hurt or disappointed by. Write everything you have in your head and your heart – what you’d really like to say if you didnt hold back. You’re thinking it anyway and not going to surprise God either. He already knows. So as I say, “let rip” in that letter.

Lay it all down on paper. Shout, scream…whatever you want to say. Then when its written put it away in a drawer and then the next day and the next and the next write letters doing the same thing. Write until you have no more words to say. Finally if you need to, actually write a letter which you intend to give to that person saying how you feel. Interestingly I’ve discovered that the process of writing letters that are for my eyes only usually results in me not needing to say or give anything to anybody at all – unless God says to, I can leave it at that and keep my letter writing to myself. I’ve got it all out and I can forgive, let go and move on.

By the way if you have feelings and thoughts towards God that perhaps you’ve never voiced, write a letter to Him too. You’re far better to be completely honest with Him and yourself than live pretending everything is alright or shutting your feelings and heart off.

Today, if after you’ve got it all out of your head and talked to God about it, you still have more words and feelings, then take time to write a letter…life is too precious to carry around emotional and mental baggage that only weighs you down. Get it all out and go and enjoy your life instead.

Prayer: Lord please help me to be honest about how I feel and to get those things which I have been carrying around on the inside out. Please give me the words to express my feelings and the time and space to deal with it all. In Jesus name Amen

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