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2 Nov – Being, not doing!

being not doing

God so wants us to enjoy Him. A funny thought when we often have so many demands and expectations on our lives. However above everything else He wants us to enjoy Him, because He loves us.

We actually don’t have to do anything to earn or keep that love, and to experience it all we need do is focus our attention towards Him and then let ourselves experience it.

I remember years ago when we had just had our first beautiful baby girl Anna and I was wondering how to do and be everything.

God spoke to me and said,  “Just “be” instead of do” “Being rather than doing!” What a relief that was. God didn’t expect me to do everything but simply to be, to be in His presence, to be joyful, to be happy in Him.

Often when I am busy I will hear those words whispered again. “Just be, don’t do”. When I take notice and stop “doing” so much, then everything that needs to happen in my world flows. When I take my attention off Him and get into striving and doing, I always end up in a “pickle”.

Spend today “Being” in His presence where fullness of joy is found, because the alternative is just a whole lot of doing, and where is the peace and joy in that?

Prayer: Lord please help me today to slow down long enough to focus on “Being” rather than doing, so that I might enjoy the day you have  blessed me with. In Jesus name Amen.

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