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25 April - God Questions

God isn't afraid of questions and He can handle any of yours! 


The problem arises with questions when we start to doubt that God wants the very best for us; that what He has said is true or that somehow, we are going to miss out on something great if we follow Jesus's way of living.


When we start to listen to that narrative, we can very easily be led down the path of lies and deception, ultimately ending up somewhere and becoming someone far removed from the original plan and destiny God has for our lives.


There are forces of darkness at work and those forces do react to realities in your life. When they recognise something, they fear you will discover about your life and future those forces can take aim and fire upon you. This is why you can tell what the enemy fears about your life by recognizing what is attacked.


Sometimes those attacks are very obvious like adversity, sickness, chaos in your home or work, or other crises. But most commonly the tactic is to bait us with questions that are designed to sow fear, doubt, and unbelief in our hearts and minds.  Whereas when God asks a question of us it is always to bring us to a point of understanding and greater belief and faith.

A key when you do face those moments which can lead to you questioning is to realise His nature and love for you, then you’ll look for presence and his supernatural intervention into any broken and challenging situations.  

Jesus paved the way for how to handle dark forces that can come against us. When he was alone in the desert, hungry and tired the enemy came to bring questions and taunt him. “If you are who you say then why don’t you, “tell these stones to become bread.” (Matt 4:3)

The enemy always trying to take us into deception and eventually unbelief.  When we are trusting God to lead us, just as Jesus was led into the wilderness it is never punishment for us. Anytime God leads us into conflict it's only because He has equipped us to win. Evil’s only chance against us is to try and get us to question what God has said, or to diminish and challenge who we are.  

The impact of what God says, especially in answer to questions, is designed to shape us and for His words to become intertwined with our hearts. To be like “bread” to us. We essentially live by what God says. He has the words of life, and all things are held together by Him.

Today if you have questions, ask them. God can handle your questions. If you have a willingness to listen, you will hear him speak. He wants to lead you and when there is a willingness to obey you will attract his voice and his presence.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: (John 10:27)

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

Prayer: Lord thank you that you can handle my questions and that you have the words of life. Please help me to trust who you say I am rather than believing any negative voices. In Jesus name Amen.  


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