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25 Nov – Be Kind To Yourself

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In a world where there is often unkindness, it’s so important that we are kind to ourselves. Sadly though we often aren’t. We compare ourselves, we put ourselves down; we are our own worst critics, and can easily tell everyone else what is wrong with us. Too often we only see the failures, the disappointments, and the hurts we have suffered.

So today I wanted to say You are Awesome, whether you are working at a job that maybe you don’t really like to provide for yourself or your family. You’re awesome as you do your best at being a mum or dad to your children. You’re awesome as you keep studying, learning and trying to be better at whatever you do. You’re awesome as you continue to be a friend, brother, sister, mum, dad, aunt, uncle, and workmate.

The world needs YOU, so be kind to yourself.

What is one thing you can say you do well? Now congratulate yourself! What’s one thing you give to be a blessing to others? Just keep doing it!

All we can ever do is “Do the best we can with the revelation we have now!”

We can always keep learning and growing, and yes we are always going to look back and say “If only I’d known back then…” That’s life.

Listen, learn, keep a teachable spirit and keep going.

The kids will eventually sleep through the night. You will get to the end of your studies. You can get that better job. Don’t give up on your Dreams; keep walking, praying, and speaking hope and life.

God is a good God and He is for you; so be kind to yourself and know that you are greatly loved by Him, and it’s going to be Okay.

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