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26 Jan – Use it or lose it!

I have a new goal for the next few years. It’s that I will be “fitter at fifty”. Fifty is a few years off but I know if I don’t start now the years will just wizz by without me doing anything. I can run 8 -10km as my daily run now, although only a few years ago I couldn’t run a kilometre without feeling exhausted. However as a result of staying consistent I have seen huge changes in my overall fitness. Fitter at fifty is my next challenge and I’ve engaged the help of my exercise physiologist daughter to get me stronger and tougher, which she is happily doing with the instruments and exercises of “torture” regularly found and demontrated on in gyms.

What I have discovered in my new regime is that one side off my body is alot weaker than the other through only carrying six babies around on my right side for so many years. I literally start wobberly after lifting a weight on my weak side, and can’t believe what a difference there is in my strength.

The whole concept of getting stronger or weaker as we use or don’t use something is also mentioned in the bible. It talks about “through reason of practice or use” we learn how to walk in the things of God and his Spirit. However without choosing to put into practice and focus on walking in the things of heaven we won’t really grow in the amazing things God wants to show us. For it’s by reason of practice – doing and being that we grow, develop and discover anything in life, both in the natural and supernatural realms. If we use and practice we go from strength to strength, and if we don’t we get weaker.

Today I encourage you to practice walking in the things of God. Push yourself a little each day to press into His presence, His word and all that He wants to reveal to you. Then as you discover and experience new realms and the things God reveals and challenges you in make time to share, honour and use it, for “its by reason of practice” that we grow, strengthen and develop in life. So let’s make a decision to get fitter and stronger today!

But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” (Hebrews 5:14)

Prayer: Lord please help me to put into practice and use the things you have taught and revealed to me in both the natural realms as well as in the realms of the supernatural. Help me to honour and make the most of what you have given and revealed to me. In Jesus name Amen

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