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3 Dec – Makings of a miracle


Many times I hear people say, “when I get ahead and am more financial then I will go and help people, or when I win a million dollars I will do this or that”. Or even, “I don’t have anything I can do, or offer anyone.”

However God never asks us to use what we don’t yet have in our hand. He does however encourage us to step out and bless and serve and make a difference with what we have already. To see what we can use now as a seed, which when sown will grow and multiply and bear a harvest in others and our lives.

Many time we don’t do anything because we believe we are not qualified or equipped. Let alone what God might call us to do! We look for something that will help us feel more capable, or significant, but that something is usually something we don’t have right now in our hand.

The biggest hindrance to each one of us living our lives to the fullest capacity, and walking in the things God has prepared for us to do, is that we struggle with “how do I do it”. Instead of just taking what we have and using that to bless and make a difference somewhere, somehow with someone we sadly far too often remain unproductive, and sedentary, talking ourselves into quitting before we have even begin.

If we instead took the attitude of, “I’m going to use what I have right here and now, and offer them to God to use”, we would be astounded with what He will do in and through our lives. We would literally be amazed at what we are capable of.

God reveals and teaches us through His word and relationship with him how to use our time, talents, and gifts to the fullest. Many times we see what we have as insignificant, yet a seed is all we need to make big things grow. All the widow had when Elijah the prophet came to her house was a little flour and a little oil, but when offered to God, it became hugely significant in saving her and her family from starvation (1 Kings 17).

David only had a sling and a stone in his hand, yet with it he slayed a giant. (1 Samuel 17:1-25) Samson when surrounded by a an army of trained and armed fighting men, didn’t have a sword or a shield to protect him. Instead he used what he had at hand, and grabbed a donkey’s jawbone using it to fight off and kill 1,000 of his enemies. (Judges 15:15)

We may look at what we have in our hand; our talents, gifts, time, and abilities, and say, “what can I do with these?” But if we trust God, and make what we have available to Him, He will take what may seem insignificant, and achieve great victories in and through us.

Today, perhaps the world, the devil, your friends, or even your family, may be telling you that that which God has given you is insignificant. But don’t listen, for what seems to be nothing but a “jawbone, or a slingshot, or a little flour and oil”, when offered to God will cause miracles to break forth in and around your life.  

Prayer: Lord thank you that you can use seemingly insignificant things when I  use what is already in my hand. Please help me to see, and use what I have already to  make miracles. In Jesus name Amen.

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