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5 Mar -Dealing With Your Issues

We can so often wait to deal with issues in our lives. A good example of this is in the bible, where Moses and Pharaoh were determined not to release the Israelites from slavery, so God sent a warning and demonstrated clearly that He was more powerful than Pharaoh.

One of those demonstrations was in the form of an influx of frogs in Egypt. Frogs invaded the Egyptian's homes, their beds, their food, simply everywhere, and the people were miserable. Moses presents himself to Pharaoh to ask when he would like Moses to ask God to remove the plague of frogs. Strangely enough, Pharaoh replies…" tomorrow.

"Then Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron and said, "Entreat the LORD that He remove the frogs from me and from my people; and I will let the people go, that they may sacrifice to the LORD." Moses said to Pharaoh, "The honour is yours to tell me: when

shall I entreat for you and your servants and your people, that the frogs be destroyed from you and your houses, that they may be left only in the Nile?" Then he said, "Tomorrow." So he said, "May it be according to your word, that you may know that there is no one like the LORD our God." (Exodus 8:8-10)

Now, if you had a plague of green, slimy frogs invading and infesting your home, wouldn't you reply, "Now, today, right now, without any delay?" But Pharaoh didn't. He was content to put up with those frogs for another day when He could have been rid of them immediately.

How often are we the same as the Pharaoh and put up with something that God says He will begin to act upon to remove out of our lives as soon as we ask?

How often do we fail to make a decisive decision to change when it comes to dealing with things that cause us discomfort or are not God's best for us? Just as God had the power and willingness to rid Egypt of those frogs, He also has the power and is willing to rid our lives of those things that cause us to feel like we are living with our "own plague".

God is a good God, full of compassion and love for all He has made. He sees our struggles, quiet desperation, triumphs, and dreams. He says He will remove our transgressions – our sins from us, as far as the east is from the west and remember them no more. He declares that He is the Lord who heals, who provides, who sustains, and who gives vision and purpose to our lives.

"For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His loving kindness toward those who fear Him. As faras the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us." (Psalm 103:11-12)

"For I am the LORD who heals you." (Exodus 15:26)

"Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me." (Psalm 54:4)

The question for you today is how long will you wait before you seek God to remove your plague and the issues you are facing or struggling with?

Be encouraged that God has the answer. It's found in His Word and in seeking Him. When we receive the revelation of what He has to say about our situation, we can then take that promise straight to God and make a demand on His supply. In return, He promises He will hear from heaven and answer our prayers.

Don't be like that Egyptian Pharaoh who was content to live another day with something God was ready to remove straight away. Make a choice to deal with your issues and boldly come to the throne of grace and receive all you need to live free today.

"So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most." (Hebrews 4:16 NLT)

"He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honour him. (Psalm 91:15)

Prayer: Lord, please help me to come to always come to you and ask for all that I need and desire. You don't want me to suffer but are willing, ready and able to answer my request. Set me free from ……….today according to the promises in your Word. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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