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9 Jan – You Are Unique

You have been made wonderfully unique and there’s nobody else quite like you. In a world that seeks to categorise and label everyone, it’s refreshing to know that God loves this uniqueness. He is the one who shaped and wired you towards particular interests, talents, passions and abilities.

I love what the bible says about how God has made us:

“You formed my innermost being, shaping my delicate inside and my intricate outside, and wove them all together in my mother’s womb.

I thank you, God, for making me so mysteriously complex! Everything you do is marvellously breathtaking. It simply amazes me to think about it! How thoroughly you know me, Lord!

You even formed every bone in my body when you created me in the secret place, carefully, skillfully shaping me from nothing to something. You saw who you created me to be before I became me! Before I’d ever seen the light of day, the number of days you planned for me were already recorded in your book. Every single moment you are thinking of me! (Psalm 139:13-18)

Our shape, both internally and externally, is explicitly created for God’s plan and purpose for our lives. He has made us to experience and enjoy life in our unique way and wants us to know who we are in Him and then experience the life He planned for us.

When we “get happy” with who we are, and also seek to stretch and grow into the best we can be, it not only feels good, but it makes God smile. He is a loving Father and just as parents delight to see their children discovering who they are and using and enjoying their gifts and abilities; God does too.

Today quit worrying and comparing yourself to someone else and take time to discover and explore all that God has made you be.  He sees and knows all about you and has the best and most amazing plan for your life if you’d only choose to follow His guidance, acceptance and love.

“Lord, you know everything there is to know about me. You perceive every movement of my heart and soul, and you understand my every thought before it even enters my mind. You are so intimately aware of me, Lord. You read my heart like an open book and you know all the words I’m about to speak before I even start a sentence! You know every step I will take before my journey even begins. You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way, and in kindness you follow behind me to spare me from the harm of my past. With your hand of love upon my life, you impart a blessing to me.” (Psalm 139:1-5 The Passion Translation)

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you know me, and have made me unique and special. Help me to embrace all that you have made me be and to enjoy the journey. In Jesus Name Amen.

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