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The Blessing

I’ve been learning a lot about The Blessing recently.

“Bless you” is such a common phrase, and in our culture most people don’t fully understand the power behind those words.

The Blessing was something that was given right back at the beginning when God created the world.

It was given to the first person ever made – Adam. It was given to Adam to use to expand and cover the whole of creation with the goodness, love and compassion of God. (Genesis 1:27-28)

It was given to Noah and his sons; it was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Blessing was given to Moses.

Unfortunately people forgot how to access and live in The Blessing. Too many forgot that God loves them, and that they were an amazing creation, made for good and life and Blessing.

So the blessing became something people just say, or even when something bad happens people started to think “it’s a blessing in disguise”.

The Blessing is the exact opposite of every bad, awful, life-sapping thing. The Blessing holds all the Love and compassion and goodness of God in it. He is The Blessing and He pours it out for us to enjoy, use and live in.

The Blessing isn’t just a nice term. It’s powerful.

It’s not a stagnant or static thing. It is a force! You draw things out of it. It’s like an atmosphere that you can almost handle and gather so that you can distribute it where needed. It provides, it restores, it brings life.

You can walk in it. “You can be blessed as you go in and blessed as you go out.

The Blessing is the substance of Heaven and if your heart is for the things of heaven, and the God of Heaven, then The Blessing is yours. You access it by believing.

The Bible says the power of the curse (the opposite of The Blessing), was broken by Jesus when He took it and bore the curse on the Cross of Calvary. Galatians 3:13

Why did Jesus do that? So that He could restore the “fullness” of The Blessing to mankind. So He could take us back to the original plan of God, which was for mankind to spread all the goodness, love healing and compassion of Heaven everywhere we went.

The Blessing is available to everyone! Seek out the God of The Blessing. He and The Blessing that is His will change your life, your relationships, your home life, and your work. It’ll change how you feel and think. The Blessing will change Everything!

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