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14 July -Soaking!

There are some things in life that won’t budge unless we soak them. What do I mean by that?

In the busyness of life we may not get the opportunity to just “soak”. But how great it feels when we do. The phrase, “I’m going to just soak this up” is defined in the dictionary as meaning: “to enjoy, absorb and take in something, or to learn and remember something easily and quickly.”

We soak up the atmosphere at a concert or sporting match, we soak up the sunshine, we soak in the shower or bubble bath, and we soak up attention and praise when it is paid to us.

There is something to be said for “soaking”. Some things need to be absorbed, savoured, and enjoyed, and you just can’t do that in a hurry.

God, I think is quite happy for us to be “soakers”. There is great benefit in soaking in His presence and just enjoying being with Him. When we “soak” in Him, some pretty amazing things can happen. Issues we have been struggling with, or hurts or damage suffered to our bodies, minds and emotions can be cleansed, restored and healed when we take the time to “soak”.

It’s a bit like washing a garment or pan, which has a patch of stubborn dirt on it. You can take the tact of scrubbing and scrubbing at that spot, running the risk of permanent damage, or you can choose to let it soak. I know which I prefer.

God works much the same way with us. He encourages us to come sit with Him, much like soaking in the sunshine or in a long hot shower, hot tub or bath. He encourages us to meditate and ponder upon His word, letting it “soak in”. When we allow ourselves to “soak,” we absorb His goodness, His peace and His love for us.

The other benefit of soaking is that when we have things that need to shift in our lives, allowing ourselves the opportunity to soak in God’s presence, in His word, and with those who know Him can cause those things to simply fall or fade away. No scrubbing or toil is needed, simply “soaking”. As we soak those issues that we have  felt stuck about; any stubborn habits, hurts or hang-ups, fall away and we are left cleansed, refreshed and renewed.

Make some time to “Soak” today. You’ll be glad you did.

Prayer: Lord thank you that you are gentle with me, and don’t seek to stress or hassle me out, but want me to live free. Thanks for allowing me to “soak” up your word, and enjoy your presence. In Jesus Name Amen.

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