16 Dec – All those little things!

lttle things

It’s often the little things in life we miss, but it’s these little things; those little moments in life that really do count. Unfortunately far too often we only applaud and focus on the big gestures and events which happen sporadically, whilst missing the significance and happiness to be found in the “thin slices of joy” that occur everyday.

Perhaps for us to find joy more in our everyday lives we could try not taking the little things in our lives so much for granted. Like walking into a room and pausing to enjoy the smell of fresh baking or a home cooked meal, or the welcome glance or smile from a loved one when you first see them. The little things that people say or do for you throughout the day, or that you can do for them.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday routine and busyness that we forget to stop and “smell the roses”. But joy is found in the little moments that make up our lives and in not taking any of it for granted. “It’s important to recognise these “thin slices of joy” that happen all the time, that at first may seem unremarkable.” (C. Tan) Because the more we notice these moments the more they add up, and the more we will experience the joy found in them.

Instead of racing past these “thin slices of joy” take some time to enjoy them a little more. They happen everywhere, everyday and once we start noticing these things, that we usually take for granted, we’ll soon realise that God’s joy, presence and blessings are all around us all the time, we just haven’t paused long enough to realise it.

Today make a list of those little things that you don’t want to take for granted and be thankful for them.

Decide that when you experience a “thin slice of joy” such as the first bite of food, a cool drink on a hot day, the touch of a loved ones hand, a smile when you walk in the door, the feel of the shower after a long day, a comfy bed, or God’s presence as you wait on Him, that you’ll pause and take the time to recognise and appreciate them more. It will help put your day into perspective and cause you to be more grateful and joyful, because those little things are often actually the big things that really matter.

Prayer: Lord please help me to recognize the ”thin slices” of joy that surround me everyday. Thank you for all the little things that really do matter and which you have blessed my life with today. In Jesus name Amen.

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