16 March -His Grace Is Enough

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor 12:9).

I love doing word studies and going back to the original language and studying out more deeply what things mean. So this is what my digging into “My grace is sufficient” means a little more in detail.

What is grace? Grace is the free unmerited favour of God. It is favour shown to the unworthy, it is undeserved blessing, and a free gift.

It is privilege, pardon, and where God raises us up from debasement to dignity. Dishonor to honour, placing His likeness within us.

The word grace comes from the same root word as joy, or to rejoice. Grace causes rejoicing. It describes the supernatural ability of God to work miracles, answer prayer, heal the sick and bring deliverance.

Grace is like a buried treasure, you experience more as you dig deeper and deeper into it. No matter how we have or continue to mess up, fail, disappoint ourselves, or feel unworthy, God’s grace is sufficient. Sufficient means to be possessed of unfailing strength, and be strong, to defend, ward off, and to be satisfied and contented.

Whatever God asks of us, He promises His grace is sufficient for the task. That means Gods grace is available to sustain us.

As we find and experience more and more of God’s grace it enables us to live free.  You can’t and don’t have to earn it. Grace is extended towards us, bought and paid for by Jesus. We simply take hold of this gift and let it work in us. We exchange our feelings of unworthiness for His acceptance, our failures for His supernatural ability to work miracles and answer prayer, our weakness for His strength.

If you or some one you know is feeling tired, worried, fearful, weak, unworthy, and unaccepted, then you are a perfect candidate to experience God’s Grace in your life. Whatever and whoever the person, situation, or circumstances you may be facing know this – His Grace is Enough!

Prayer: Lord I need to experience your Grace in and through my life. Thank you that your grace is a gift bringing supernatural ability for whatever I face in life. When I am weak, you are strong in me. I receive your grace right now. In Jesus name amen

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