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17 Nov – Centre In

To onlookers my life probably seems ridiculously busy. I’m a wife, a mum of six kids, grandmother, senior pastor of a church, and a homeschooler. Actually most people comment I’m either superwoman or a little crazy. I know what it is to have absolutely awesome, great, productive days and to also have the “what on earth am I doing, I’m exhausted, please give me some quiet” type days.

To help me stay relatively peaceful, a pleasant person to be around and to enjoy my life I’ve learnt to lean in. Leaning in is when I quiet my emotions, mind and heart so I can centre in on myself. When I centre or lean into the core of who I am I find God’s quietness and presence. My heart slows, my mind stops racing and my spirit and soul are energised. When we have a relationship with Jesus this art of “centering” instantly helps us connect with Him and enables us to focus and renew our strength in God.

With practice we can “centre in” wherever we are by: Closing our eyes and slowing our breathing by taking deep, slow breaths. Focusing our minds on quietness and stillness. Replace worrying or stressful thoughts that comes across our minds with God’s Word Leaning deeper into Jesus. I sometimes picture just falling into Jesus, or sitting with Him in a peaceful quiet place; your secret place with God.

Once I’ve “centred in” I just sit quietly in that place; I breathe, rest, and soak in Gods presence. I dont necessarily have to “feel” or hear anything. What’s important is that we centre or lean into the source of our peace, strength and joy.

Today take some time to “centre in,” for in that secret place God is waiting there.

Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

In returning and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength”. (Isaiah 30 :15)

Prayer: Lord please help me to find that quiet secret place with you so that I can commune with you, and discover peace and joy throughout the busyness of my day. In Jesus name Amen

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