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19 Feb – Are you ready for a change?

change ahead

Do you ever feel like there is a shift and change happening? You may not physically be able to see it, but you can sense it.

But when we are looking for change to happen in our lives, we need to position and ready ourselves for it to happen, and prepare for whatever that means. It’s a bit like being pregnant with a baby, and preparing yourself for the new arrival. If you don’t get ready, it’ll be a mad dash when that baby arrives, and you and all those around you, will more than likely miss some of the wonder of it all.

Whenever a shift or change occurs if we are listening to Gods promptings, He will begin to encourage us to stretch and expand our expectations, our horizons, our vision. He’ll encourage us to deal with issues, and shed any unnecessary weights or distractions. He will start revealing to us to look up and ahead, instead of behind us at our past, or down at the dust of our failures or disappointments. God encourages us to position ourselves so that we don’t miss any of what He is releasing in and over our lives.

Shifts and changes mean we must push against constraints, against limiting mindsets, against unbelief, disappointments, fears and failure. We push past these limiting “stakes” in our life and shift the marker pegs (the tent pegs), so that we can spread out and increase our capacities to hold and inhabit all God wants to release in our lives. We ready ourselves for what we are believing for.

The bible says that even when we feel barren, when we have nothing, when we are desolate and desperate, that then is the perfect time for us to lift up our eyes, to lift up our voices and to sing and shout because God has a way through. God has the victory, God has the answer, He has the solution, and He is on our side.

I’ve learnt over the years to speak out His promises, even when I can’t see in the natural how anything is going to change; how the barrenness and difficulties are ever going to be replaced with abundance and blessing. I’ve learnt to not look with my natural eyes, but with eyes of trust and believing that better things are ahead, that angels are right now working on my behalf, that solutions, provision, healing and breakthrough are mine.

Today agree with what’s coming out of heaven, and choose to “declare and decree” God’s goodness over your life and over your family, workplace, relationships, neighbourhood, city and nation. No longer see yourself or your circumstances as barren, dried up, beaten up, anxious, sick, old, or poor.

Today look and see with eyes of faith and believing, for God has a plan, a strategy and a breaking through for every situation we are facing in our personal lives, and in the world today. Then stir yourself up in the promises of God, open your mouth and sing out and start decreeing and declaring breakthrough, release and change for the better.

Sing, barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy” (Isaiah 54:1)

Prayer: Lord thank you that breakthrough, expansion, release and change is coming straight out of heaven today. I believe for things to shift and change for the better in every circumstance of my life today.  In Jesus name Amen.

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