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25 Dec -What if we had a little Christmas everyday?


Christmas is nearly over for another year, and I’ve just put our youngest two children to bed. We’ve had a great day, and everyone is tired, full of food, feeling thankful, and wishing the day didn’t have to end so soon. That’s because we love Christmas.

I love Christmas because it’s a day set apart to remember and be thankful for Jesus and all that He has done for us.

I love Christmas because it’s a day dedicated to giving and blessing others.

I love Christmas because you get to eat your favourite things, on your best dishes, with all your creative decorating ideas being laid out on the table and around your home.

I love Christmas because it draws friends and family together, and is dedicated to everyone making an extra effort to get along.

I love Christmas because it’s awesome to watch the kids so full of excitement and joyful.

I love Christmas because we get to have fairy lights, candles, and lovely things all day long.

It makes me wonder why don’t we celebrate like it’s Christmas everyday, a little more?

What if tomorrow we got up, and put just as much effort into the day being special, joy filled, and special for us, and our friends and family, as we do on Christmas day?

What if we took the time to give thanks to God for all that He has done, and read His word, and treasured its message just like we do at Christmas time. What if we took the time to read it as a family, recounting the excitement, lessons, and meaning held within its page?

What if we played games together, ate around the table together, and let each other know how important and special everyone is to us, just like we hopefully do on Christmas day. What if we made the extra effort with those in our world, every day like we do on celebration days?

As Christmas draws to an end for another year, perhaps now is a good time to consider for a moment the things you love about Christmas, (or would like to love about Christmas). Then decide to duplicate those things throughout the whole year? Why not bring a touch of Christmas joy, love and peace into every day of the year?

Here’s a few ideas to help get you started:

One of the best ways to celebrate everyday is to create a party atmosphere at home. Fill your home with flowers and music, and just have a good time. Jesus said “He came to give us a full and abundant life,” (John 10:0) which means we have heaven’s permission to make the whole of our life a party and celebration if we want to. It’s okay and good to celebrate every day.

Dance, sing, and celebrate with others. When we share our enthusiasm or make the effort to celebrate it spreads the joy to others.

Be spontaneous and break the routine that can so easily crowd out the sense of celebration in all of us. Remind yourself just how wonderful life can be. We all have something to celebrate, it’s just that sometimes we have to let ourselves relax and “let go enough” to enjoy life and if need be change our attitude.

So keep the fairy lights up, and enjoy them all year round. Set the table for mealtimes as if you were having a celebration, because each day is in fact a gift from God to be embraced. Enjoy your food, and treat yourself every now and then, just like it’s Christmas. Bless those in your world, even buy them a gift or send a card or message just because you can. Don’t wait another twelve months to tell the special people in your life what they mean to you.

Draw close to Jesus; read His words, think about why He came, and get to know Him more deeply for yourself. It’s in knowing and being connected to Him that we find the true source of joy, and completeness. It’s in Him that we find the reason and ability to celebrate like its Christmas everyday, as His love is shed abroad in our hearts.

“And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us. For at just the right time, while we were still powerless, Christ died for ” (Romans 5:5-6)

Prayer: Lord please help me to stay connected to you, so that your life and joy flows into my life. I want to celebrate life, like it’s Christmas everyday. Show me where I may need to change my attitude, or need healing so that I can look forward to my day, like it’s Christmas everyday. In Jesus Name Amen.

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