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30 June – Self Aware

One of the most valuable assets we can have as a person is self – awareness. Self-awareness it is said is the beginning of emotional intelligence. Of course we all know who we are to some degree, but being able to “check in” to our emotions and reactions is of great benefit to both ourselves and those around us.

When we are self aware we are kinder to ourselves, know when we need a break, and have greater understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses. I’ve realized over time that if I’m not being particularly self aware I will push myself too hard, and not realize when my emotions or thoughts are dictating to me negatively.

Self-awareness is a beautiful thing when it is operating in our lives, and those around us will also testify to the benefits.

Here are some benefits of being self aware:

1: We Play To our Strengths –While we can be competent in many areas, it is tough to be greatat everything. Being more self aware allows us to focus our time and energies on what we do best. The result is we feel better about ourselves and gain the ability and perspective to love the person God has made us to be.

2: We Get Others Playing To Their Strengths –The world is full of talented people. When we find out how we are“wired” it then helps us to recognize how others are excelling, and we can help them focus on what they do best. We don’t have to be in competition, but can compliment one another.

3: We are authentically happy rather than pretending we are, therefore having a deeper experience and enjoyment of life. Being self aware helps us to be aware of negative thoughts and emotions, giving us the opportunity to choose to focus and emphasize positive ones. Neurological studies reveal toxic thoughts are able to be “unstuck” from our thought patterns and brains, and replaced with ones we want to have. But first we need to be self aware of what we are thinking about.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)

4: We Think Before We Act

Being self aware means we are more aware of our emotions and responses. We gain the ability to act and respond consciously instead of reacting or should I say “over-reacting” to people and events.

Today if you realize that you haven’t been in touch with your thoughts, emotions or spiritual and physical state, take some time over the next few days to “check up” on yourself. Ask God to reveal what has been going on in your internal world and reap the benefits of renewed self awareness.

Prayer: Lord thank you for who you have made me to be. Help me to be more self aware and to be gentler and kinder to myself. In Jesus Name Amen

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