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31 March -Two sets of ears

Did you know that God created us with two sets of ears. Not just an ear on either side of our head, but an outer ear and an inner ear. The inner ear is made up of a bone structure inside our head, the inner ear feeds our voice directly into the human spirit, what if refereed to as the heart. This is why the words we speak are more important than the words that someone else speaks to us or against us. The words we speak affect our whole being.

Medical research has discovered that the part of the brain which controls human speech is connected to every nerve of the body. The words we speak about ourselves can even affect our health. That’s why it’s vital for us to understand who we are in God. When we understand that, we will say what He says about our life, instead of saying what everyone else says.

When you take hold of what God says about you it will get inside you and will literally change you from the inside out.

Today we celebrated Isaac’s birthday. He is a healthy happy little boy. Last month however he contracted a nasty virus which caused pox like bumps to pop up all over him. We visited the doctors and were told this has no cure and will take between 1 and 2 years to disappear. What do you do with that sort of information? We chose to go to God.

We prayed, listened and did what we felt the Lord said to do. Isaac knows that Jesus is his healer, so for 1 week we played a recording which spoke scriptures to Isaac of every verse where Jesus healed in the bible. Did the pox disappear straight away. No it got worse! But we stood on what God says. Isaac kept listening, getting Gods’ word down on the inside of him. Then those words started to come out of his mouth. He would look at a bump and say “you go bump, Jesus has healed me”. The bumps got smaller, and smaller and no new ones appeared. Within 1 week they had gone and now He is speaking over the marks left behind.

He said to me tonight “Mummy while I’m sleeping those words are going into me and they’ve healed me”.

What happened? Isaac got the image of who God says he is down on the inside of Him. Those words listened to each night as he went off to sleep changed how he saw and spoke about himself.

They didn’t come from looking at what he had all over his body, or from listening to what everyone else said to expect. That image came from listening and receiving what God said about him. He is just a little boy, with a simple faith that what God says, He will do for him. Yet that is all we all require. Jesus said, truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven(Matthew 18:21).

Words that are spoken, whether it’s from us listening and then speaking; or reading for ourselves and then speaking them out can change our lives, our health, our future’s. The tongue speaks the words which are picked up by the inner ear and fed directly into the heart. And our heart or spirit assumes that what we speak is what we want.

With that in mind, shouldn’t we choose to put a watch over our words and start to only speak what we want to come to pass, instead of some of the things we do say. What are you listening to, what are you speaking? Our words are powerful; The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. (Proverbs 18:21)

Prayer: Lord put a watch over my mouth. Help me to listen to what you say and to get the image of who you say I am down on the inside of me. Thank you that nothing is impossible for you. In Jesus Name Amen.

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