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5 Nov -What’s hiding in your cupboard?


Today my husband decided it was time to clean out the hallway cupboard. The kids scattered, and I l braced myself for the next few hours. This is the space in our house where everyone literally shoves, and pokes every imaginable object into the cupboard, whilst quickly pushing the doors shut to ensure nothing else falls out. That is until the next unsuspecting person opens the door, and narrowly misses being hit in the head by the previous “cupboard stasher’s” stuff!”

Our cupboard had a crazy amount of “stuff” in it, which today at the hands of my husband promptly landed all over the lounge and hall way floors. Today we were ruthless with our sorting, re-homing, and throwing out. If we hadn’t used it, it had missing bits, had been waiting over a year to be fixed, was of no use to us as a family anymore, or we had outgrown it, then it no longer found it’s “home” in our cupboard.

Now I am happy to say our hallway cupboard space looks great; and we won’t need to buy Christmas wrapping paper for a while, as I discovered we already have 10 rolls of it!

There is a certain feeling of satisfaction in getting rid of the old, and clearing out our clutter. It makes room for the new, our future, and helps us to see a little clearer.

With the New Year approaching perhaps now is a good time to take a look at all of our cupboards. To look at our lives in general, and decipher what we need to get rid of. Are there things in our life, which we no longer have a use for? What have we outgrown or moved on from? Do we need to throw away some attitudes or weights that are not helpful in making us all that God has called and purposed us to be? Are there things clouding our view so that we can’t see clearly ahead, and we simply need to clear them out of the way?

Don’t wait another week, month, or until New Years Eve to have a “clean out” of the unnecessary in your life. Be honest about what is hiding in “the cupboard”. If there are pursuits, habits, attitudes, and/or relationships that may well have passed their use by dates, choose today to have a clean out of the clutter, so as to make room for all that God has planned for your tomorrow’s.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be honest about what is in my life, so that I can make some decisions about what I want to remain as part of my future. I don’t want to just keep on shoving things around, hoping to make them fit, when they may not be part of your plan for my life. Please give me wisdom to know what is meant to stay, and what needs to go. In Jesus name Amen.

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