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6 July -Understanding the season

One of our children hates winter. She does not like the cold, or the wet and can’t wait for summer to arrive again.

But as I was talking with her today I was reminded of the importance of the seasons, and the ebb and flow of nature and how God works within us in a similar way.

Many people have described their spiritual life within the context of autumn, winter, spring and summer, and what each season symbolises for them.

Right now we are in the middle of winter and just as nature has its ebbs and flows I’m appreciating how God works within us in those ebbs and flows, just as He has designed nature to.

When the days get shorter and winter has crept in, it is the time when physically most of us just want to be somewhere warm, dry and well fed. We gravitate towards warmth, safety and security. And that’s okay, because winter is the season of consolidation, of feeling secure and of drawing strength in our inner world.

Winter can be a time of quietness and reflection, as we don’t have the time with shorter daylight hours, or usually the inclination to be up late, or outdoors at the beach partying.

It’s therefore a great opportunity for us to draw near to God. To think upon and consolidate on the revelations we have had, the things we have learnt, the places we still need to grow and develop in, and the chance to clarify our purpose and what God is saying to us.

We all benefit from regular “seasons” of quietness and reflection; times of taking a breath, strengthening ourselves in who we are in God, and going deeper in our spiritual life as we draw closer to Jesus.

The bible encourages us to, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. (James 4:8)

So as I told my “summer loving” daughter today, “stop fighting the season you are in, and embrace what God is doing in and all around you. Understand the importance of the Ebb and Flow of the Spirit, how God works all around us in creation, and how He works in each one of us”.

There are times to party; to run around squeezing every last drop out of the day, doing new things, and living life at full speed. But there are also times where God wants us to snuggle down, get warm and cosy, stop rushing about quite so much, and take the time to draw near to Jesus, because He loves to spend the time with us.

“Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing”. (Psalm 34:10)

The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth”. (Psalm 145:18)

Prayer: Lord thank you for the seasons and the ebb and flow of nature that reminds us of how our spiritual and inner life also works. Help me to draw near to you, and to listen, reflect and grow in

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