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6 Mar – Suddenly!


When we talk about the suddenlies of God we are referring to those moments when God suddenly breaks forth into our situation. Suddenlies are usually after we have been in a time of waiting… waiting in our wilderness, waiting for breakthrough, waiting for God to reveal His plan and purpose. Waiting for things to line up.

But to be honest I really like God’s suddenlies. Where He suddenly moves and acts; as it can be at anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Those sudden moves of God are what makes me expectant; that make me know that God is so much bigger than any formula or prescriptive method I may have on how to get God to act. God is sovereign and He can come at anytime and reveal the reality of who He is, however He likes.

However there are some things that do seem to get God’s attention.

God suddenly came on the scene with some guys named Paul and Silas. They had been thrown in prison for preaching about Jesus, and from the dungeon they started to sing and pray. Logically speaking a dungeon would be the last place anyone would decide to have a sing a long. Maybe a desperate “Help God” prayer, but not a sing along. But these guys, they were singing songs to God so loudly that the other prisoners were being entertained as they listened.

Suddenly, I love that word, “Suddenly there was a massive earthquake, and the prison was shaken to its foundations, All the doors immediately flew open, and the chains of every prisoner fell off.” (Acts 16:25-26 NLT)

God obviously values that kind of sacrifice of praise that makes no real earthly sense. He loves it when we choose to sing, shout, pray and believe Him even though we don’t probably feel like even opening our mouths.

He values that decision to shout and sing out even when it’s hurting and the world tells us we should be working more to pay the bills; worrying more about our future, sorting out our families, organising, stressing, and doing more. It’s in those times when it costs us to focus on God and thank Him that seems to open up the doors to the suddenlies of God.

Today, if you are facing a situation that seems to have you “locked up”; much like Paul and Silas were, know that God is working on your suddenly. Start to sing and shout out; to remind yourself of God’s goodness; to sing your way out of your circumstances. The devil hates it, but God loves it and declares that He inhabits our praises, meaning our thanks and praise bring Him on the scene to perform His suddenlies. (Psalm 22:3) Plus other people who are experiencing similar struggles may just be listening too. 

Today don’t focus on the problem, but start to thank God and to declare that nothing is impossible for Him. Sing out to Him and then expect Him to move!

Prayer: Lord, thank you that your Word is full of suddenly God moved accounts. Help me to remember to shout and sing out thanks and praise to you even when I am faced with difficulties, or am feeling like I’m in chains. That’s actually the best time, because my suddenly is on the way. In Jesus name Amen.

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