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10 Nov – Best day ever

This is a repost but its been a great day so I thought I’d share again.

Today I spoke to a boy who told me that this had been the “bestest day ever” in his entire life. He made me smile because his obvious delight in the day was written all over his face.

Less than good days happen – sometimes we can have one of those terrible, horrible, no good days. But part of the secret of having less terrible, no good days is to have the attitude of “today is going to be a great day”, from the moment we open our eyes”. And to be able to answer the question what makes a good day; a “best day ever” for us?”

Today my young friend would tell you it was because he had spent his day playing and on the beach; fishing, paddle boarding and having fun with his friends. Plus he had started his day off having waffles for breakfast. That’s what made his day the best day ever.

Often as we get older we get so used to just coping with Monday through Friday, whilst hoping for a great weekend, that we miss ever having “a best day ever,” and sadly we can even cease expecting them.

So here are a few pointers on what might help you have “a best day ever”

1.Take the time to do things you love. Far too often we simply go from week to week doing the same old things, with nothing to look forward to, or even trying to have a special or enjoyable moment in our day. Choose to create moments; life is about making moments, so don’t wait for them to happen.

2.Spend time with people you like and love. Be thankful and enjoy the people in your world. Take and create date days, family nights and gatherings with those you actually like being around.

3.Look for ways to serve and bless others. When we use the things that we are good at, or can share with others, we not only increase our enjoyment of those things, we also share the joy.

4.Be grateful and give thanks for all that God has surrounded you with. Go out and enjoy the great outdoors, your favourite café, great food. Visit and choose to engage in some way with the beauty all around you.

5.Maybe the politicians have got something in this: Go and hug or kiss a baby, or a puppy if you’re hard pressed to find an adorable little person.

Days go by so fast so have the attitude of being thankful, and make the most of at least some part of your day. When you do you may well discover that you have the “best day ever” today!

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy, I (Jesus) came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)(John 10:10 AMP)

Prayer: Lord please help me to appreciate every day, and expect that each day has the potential and ability to be my best day so far. Help me to create moments, and to look for the good in everything because you made it all for me to enjoy. In Jesus Name Amen.

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