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15 Dec - How To Stay Positive

Over the past two years, people worldwide have had to, or continue to live through, lockdowns, restrictions, concerning media reports, and their everyday lives feeling very off-kilter. It's challenged me to make a daily choice to look at and for the good and beautiful around me as a way to stay positive and healthy. Otherwise, the world can start to look very dark and ominous and we can easily lose sight of God in our midst.

The definition of beautiful is something or someone who possesses qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear and think. It is delighting the senses and describes those things that are excellent.

Beauty prospers our soul, ministers to our hearts, and reminds us God is good. I believe that God purposely created so many beautiful places, people, and things so that we can enjoy them and because He knows we need beauty around us to be fully whole. God loves to go over the top in all He does and the beauty in the world, in creation, in a sunset, in art, music, our ability to smile and laugh, testifies to this part of His character and his understanding of what we need.

God has some wisdom on how to cultivate more beauty in our lives every day. He says, "whoever wants to embrace real life and find beauty each day is to stop speaking evil, hurtful words and lying. Turn from what is wrong and cultivate what is good and eagerly pursue peace in every relationship, making it your prize." (1 Peter 3:10-12 TPT)

When we follow this advice and value that which God says is beautiful, it changes our focus. Instead of being caught up so much in the world's negative, bad news, fear, and ugly thinking or behaviour, we become focused on what is good and worthy of shouting about. It reminds us that God is bigger than our circumstances and holding everything together.

Our perspective, language, and even what we create and express alters as we share the beauty of what we behold. The result is that we have increased energy and motivation to pursue our goals and dreams, and peace and joy flow into our lives and relationships.

Today if you want or know you need to shift your focus off the negative and darkness so you can keep moving forward and stay positive then I encourage you to:

"Keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies."

"Turn away from evil and do good."

"Search for peace, and then maintain it."

"Then the eyes of the Lord will watch over you, and his ears will be open to your prayers". (3 Peter 3:10 NLT)

Prayer: Lord, even though there are negative and ugly aspects to the world we live in, I ask that you help me see the beauty every day. Thank you for this day and all you have made for me to enjoy and help me to be focused on what is ahead and all that you are doing. In Jesus name Amen.

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