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17 Sept – What Do You Have In Your Hand?

So often we discount the very thing that could be or is able to be used to create the very answer, break through and life we seek. We get used to us…our abilities, thoughts, skills, background, connections and talent and then far too often discount both ourselves and what we carry.

So today I want to encourage you to stop discounting or overlooking what you have available right now and instead ask yourself, “what do I have in my hand and am I using it?” Because everyone possesses something that God has given them. Everyone has something other people can benefit from. The question is have we stopped to recognise it and are we going to use it to the very best of our ability?

When Moses answered God’s call to go and speak to Pharaoh to tell him to let his people go free, I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect God to use the staff he carried in his hand. His staff was for shepherding sheep, not performing signs and wonders.  When God questioned Moses what he had in his hand concerning his staff, Moses probably didn’t even give what he had carried for years throughout the desert much thought. However God saw Moses’ staff  and chose to use it as a sign for Pharaoh.

The staff was used by God and turned into a snake and then back to a staff again. It was pointed at the heavens and used to bring forth sudden weather changes. It was ultimately used to part the Red sea and wipe out the whole of the Egyptian army.

Or take Samson who picked up what was available to him and with his strength a jawbone of an animal was used to defeat one thousand soldiers. A whole army had come after him, but God was with Samson and as long as Samson had holy hands and a holy heart, no army could defeat him. (Judges 15:14,15).

David a shepherd boy, anointed and chosen to be the next King was handy with a slingshot. Previously, he had used that slingshot to kill a bear and a lion as he protected his Father’s sheep, yet now that slingshot in David’s hand was the very instrument that God would use to bring victory against the giant Goliath and the whole of the Philistine army. (I Samuel 17:8-36)

You may feel like you don’t have anything in your hand today, but we all have something to offer and are able to use, especially when we come to God and are willing and choose to listen to His promptings. What does God keep saying, what desire and dreams has He placed in your heart? What gifts, abilities or even just an interest do you have? Because if we are prepared to take what we have and offer it to God He will do far more than we could ever imagine, dream of or expect. God just asks that we take what we have, be diligent with it, choose to be available and are prepared to grow and develop so as to turn that ability into a skill which He can help us to use to do mighty things. (Ephesians 3:20)

What do you have in your hand today? What is God signalling that He wants to use in you and how can you prepare and position yourself to run at your destiny just as Moses, Samson and David ran at their’s?

Don’t be afraid. Don’t discount what or who you are. David was able to run into battle because he was confident and knew what he possessed. He knew how to use that slingshot. He’d already killed a lion and a bear. He talked nothing but positive talk, and acknowledged the battle he faced was God’s and therefore God was with him. (1 Sam 17:47)

God is no respecter of persons, but of faith. (Acts 10:34). He doesn’t care where we’ve come from, who said what about us or the mess we may or may not have made. He doesn’t care about any of that, but only the condition of our hearts and our willingness to go out and be all that He created us to be, and for us to bless and impact the world with what we have in our hand.

Prayer: Lord please take what I have in my hand and everything I am and please create something amazing in and through me. Begin today Lord. In Jesus name Amen

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