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18 Nov – Acceptance

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Acceptance -The process or fact of being adequate, valid or suitable. When we accept others we are welcoming and are more willing to regard something or someone favorably rather than with hostility or fear.

Love and acceptance are, when it comes down to it what we all desire. Everyone has been created with a huge capacity to love and be loved and when we accept firstly ourselves, feel accepted by others and bestow that acceptance upon others our capacity to love and be loved grows and can then be expressed.

Admittedly we are all different and there are times when we may wish we or those around us were not quite the way they are. It is okay to try to influence or impart positive attributes we hold to others but problems usually arise when we start to act and treat people out of an attitude and spirit of self-righteousness, anger, faultfinding, judgement and fear instead of walking in grace, acceptance and trusting God to work in people’s lives. He accepts us just the way we are, warts and all and it’s His job to touch peoples hearts to bring change and ours to follow His ways so that we can each live the full, vibrant and whole life He created us for.

It’s also important to understand that acceptance does not mean we agree, approve, waive our rights or negate how impacting others can be upon us, but to choose to allow people to be who they are and love them regardless. God is the one who created us in all our uniqueness, and even when we fail in ourselves or others negate to be the people they were made to be, walking in love and acceptance is how God treats us and just as His attitude and heart of acceptance blesses us our acceptance will also bring peace to our lives and more often than not facilitate a shift and change of things for the better in our relationships with others.

Today examine if you struggling with judgement and trying to change people yourself instead of trusting God to work things out so you can use your energy to focus on learning from Him on how to relate to others? Then take some time to consider whether you may need to receive God’s acceptance in a greater way for yourself so you can then begin to walk in that same attitude towards others.

Since God chose you to be the Holy people He loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Make allowances for other people’s faults and forgive anyone who offends you.” (Colossians 3:12-13)

Prayer: Lord please help to receive your love and acceptance so that I can more easily become more accepting of others also. Thank you that you accept me. In Jesus name amen

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